Open Water SCUBA Instructor Course
(Professional Level 3)

This course prepares the student for the PADI Instructor Examination, an international licensing examination. This class builds upon the student's abilities to organize and supervise dive activities while continuing to develop teaching ability, dive knowledge, skill level, and understanding of entire system of education, attitude and professionalism in preparation for the Instructor Examination and be trained as Emergency First Response Instructor. 

Tuition: $949.00 (Open Water Scuba Instructor)*
Course Material: $950.00

Tuition: $249.00 (Emergency First Response Instructor)*
Course Material: $350.00

Activity Fees: $800.00
Required Equipment: $4945.00 

*Tuition is excluding all other financial fees and responsibilities. (See course breakdown below)

Note: Prior to certification as a PADI Open Water SCUBA Instructor, candidate must have logged a minimum of 100 dives. This course culminates in an Instructor Examination, an international licensing examination administered independent of Pacific Diving Academy by an examiner from PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors). Prerequisite: Minimum age of 18; PDA4000, PDA5000, completion of a sanctioned course in CPR and first aid within the past two years; have completed and logged at least 60 open water dives, documented experience in deep, night, underwater navigation; be in good physical condition for diving and submit an approved medical exam form for diving medical examination conducted within previous 12 months. Students must also complete PDA6100 prior to participating in the licensing Instructor Examination. 

Prior Credit is given for qualified dive certifications which may lower the cost and duration of course.

PADI Open water Scuba Instructor Examination Fee for 2019 is $700.00. For students using the GI Bill®, this is reimbursable by the VA upon submitting the most current version of VA Form-22-0803.

PADI Emergency First Response Instructor Fee for 2019 is $119.00

All professional certification fees to PADI are the responsibility of the student.

Open Water SCUBA Instructor Course Breakdown

Open Water SCUBA Instructor Program  Class Hours Tuition Fees Mandatory Dive Gear Book Fees Activity Fee Certificate
PDA5001 Open Water SCUBA Instructor  80 $949   $950   Yes
PDA6100 Emergency First Response Instructor 20 $249   $350   Yes
TOTAL 100 $1,198 $4,945 $1,300 $800 $8,243


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