Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, Pacific Diving Academy is a VA approved Non-College Degree School.

To get started, apply for your benefits:

  • Go to
  • Click on "Apply for Benefits"                                                          
  • Select "Launch VONAPP and Apply for Benefits"                            
  • Download PDA Application Form , fill out and email to

Once accepted and we have all the required paperwork, we can set your start date and begin your training.

Yes. As per VA regulation, the school cannot ask to cover your professional certification fees. However, you may apply for reimbursement for some of the fees from the VA. Use VBA Form-22-0803.

Minimum commitment level is Divemaster. Anything less than a professional level certification would be considered avocational. The program you sign up for must result in a vocational training. However, you can use the G.I Bill® to start the program at Open Water Diver all the way through to your preferred professional level. These levels are:


Assistant Instructor

Open Water Scuba Instructor

Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Instructor Development Course (IDC) Staff Instructor

Then you will get prior credit for your Open Water, Advanced Open Water, and Rescue certifications. If you have all the pre-requisite for Divemaster for enrollment in the Open Water Scuba Instructor program, your benefit cannot be used to retake these classes but you will be issued prior credit.
No. As per VA rules, Tuition  Assistance is for accredited degree granting institutions. Pacific Diving Academy is a non-college degree school.

YES, and children using a service member's benefits receive BAH.

NO, for active duty or spouse using service member's benefits do not receive BAH.

For Non-College Degree (NCD) Programs, benefit is charge based on the dollar amount of the program. 

2021 schedule and tuition/fees will be available in the coming weeks. Thank you for your patience. Call 808-262-2333 or email for more information.

You just need to notify the school in writing of your last day of attendance and the first day of your attendance after your return. Make sure you file a return date. If Pacific Diving Academy does not have return date on file, we have to terminate your enrollment, which can result in a debt to the VA. A return date on file is considered a "Leave of Absence" and will not create a debt with the VA. If unable to return on specified date, a new letter with new return date is required.